Create a Lucrative and Rewarding Coaching Business
[Even If You're Just starting out...]

Ready to embrace and confidently step into your amazingness and goodness and play BIGGER? Enroll in the own and share your brilliance complimentary session to discover how you can position, package, & price your expertise to attract BETTER clients and make a greater income with ease! Carol Nyambura,

Create a Lucrative & Rewarding Coaching Business
(Even if You're New...)

Enroll For The
Own and Share Your Brilliance
Breakthrough Session

A private, complimentary, one-on-one session

Isn’t it time to STOP scrambling to look for a countless number of coaching clients just to make enough to “survive”?

Isn’t it time you owned the value of your brilliance and shared it with people that energize and inspire you and bring out the very best in you?

The Own & Share Your Brilliance (OSYB) Session is for you, the ambitious, self-loving, soulful, heart-centered female servicepreneur who wants to play BIG. You’re ready to really truly value and honor yourself.

And why the heck not?

You’re GREAT at what you do.

You may not always admit this to yourself, but you’ve heard what your clients, friends, and family members tell you. And you’ve seen the results they get when they work with you.

You’ve got an expertise – a gift, a talent, a message, a knowing, your brilliance – and your heart and soul simply won’t give you rest until you share it with people.

And not just anybody.

You want to work with HIGH QUALITY clients. Clients who truly desire to experience the transformation that’s a result of your brilliance. Clients who value you and your expertise. Clients who happily invest in your coaching programs.

And you’re ready to begin RIGHT NOW. Even if you’re just starting your coaching business.

If that’s you, I’m super, super thrilled to invite you to hop onto this private, complimentary one-on-one Own & Share Your Brilliance (OSYB) Session with me.

During this complimentary session, you’ll:

This complimentary session is definitely not for everyone. It’s right for you if:

And yes, this call will also help us determine if we’re the right fit to work together to help you position, package and price ‘that thing you do’ into high-end coaching packages that attract fun and exciting clients to your coaching business.

There’s no charge, no strings, and no pressure whatsoever. Whether or not we move forward on working together, you’ll leave the call feeling valued, empowered, and respected/ honored. My goal is to help you reach a clear “yes!” or “absolutely no!” decision on whether we’re a good fit to work together.

If you’re feeling, “Yes! This is what I’ve been looking for!” then please schedule your complimentary call.

I look forward to supporting you in valuing, honoring and always remaining true to yourself!


NOTE: Once you click on the ‘Schedule the Breakthrough Session Now‘ button, you’ll be redirected to my online calendar to schedule your complimentary session for a time that’s suitable for both of us.