Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to create a coaching program and enroll 3 clients in 90 days or less so that you can experience the joy and fulfilment of transforming lives and making more money, while working much less.

Hey Aspiring Coach...


Download a copy of the free ‘Jumpstart Your Coaching Program‘ PDF Blueprint + Worksheet to help you outline an irresistible coaching offer in 5 simple steps

I’ll never rent, share or sell your contacts. Coach’s honor.

Hey you...

I know you.

You’re a high-vibe, soulful female servicepreneur who’s on fire to create impact and transformation in lives through a purpose-driven online coaching business that allows you to make a great income while enjoying lots of freedom.

You’re willing to create the time, find the money, acquire the knowledge, and do the work to make it happen.

You’re a go-getter and change-maker on a mission.

You’ve got a valuable message – a gift, a skill, a ‘knowing’, a talent, an expertise – that you DEEPLY DESIRE to share with as many people as possible. You’d LOVE to spend each day of your life supporting people in creating transformation in their lives and getting truly amazing results.

You’re ready and happy to share ‘your brilliance’ (that special mix of ‘you’ that comes from your experience, lessons, certifications, loves and victories) with people that truly value what you have to offer. 

And you KNOW there are people ‘out there’ that are looking for the message and gift you’ve got to share.


It's time to turn your expertise + knowledge into a transformational coaching program.

I invite you to check out my ‘Jumpstart Your Coaching Program‘ PDF Blueprint + Worksheet. 

It’s FREE and is designed to help you outline a marketable, irresistible coaching program in 5 simple steps!

I’ll never rent, share or sell your contacts. Coach’s honor.

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Hey Aspiring (or Current) Heart-Centered Coach

Are you READY to share your expertise with BETTER clients so that you can



HAVE MORE FUN in your coaching business?

Enroll in the Own and Share Your Brilliance complimentary session and discover the opportunities you have in your business to position, package and price your expertise in a way that attracts fun & exciting coaching clients who get and value you – while being totally YOU.

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Share Your Expertise...

Transform 'that thing you do' into an attractive coaching program!

Follow these 5 simple steps to outline an irresistible coaching program that sells

Jumpstart Your Coaching Program

Health, wellness or spiritual coaches - Learn how to outline an irresistible coaching program that's easy to sell to the clients you'd really LOVE to serve. Get this free guide and worksheet to follow along

FREE DOWNLOAD: Blueprint + Worksheet

Free training to help you outline an Irresistible Coaching Program in Five Simple Steps

I’ll never share your contacts with anyone.